Monday, July 23, 2007

Day 4 - Headin' up the Columbia river

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From John and Judy:

Last night, the main group stayed in a sensible motel in Tillamook. We, on the other hand, stayed up the road and on the beach at the Slippery Sandy Slope Motel in Rockaway Beach. Before we get to the accounting of Day Four, here’s a copy of the e-mail we sent Patti this morning:

“You ever had really bad motel neighbors? Title this: “ Hillbillys visit the Seashore”. Maw and Paw next door had more kids between them than they had teeth. And each one of them kids slammed the back door at least twenty times last night… after midnight. They kept running down to the ocean out back, but the fierce undertow refused to take ‘em. I think Maw and Paw brought Pappy along, because you could hear him cackling and spitting out the back door over the kid’s heads. We abandoned all hopes of sleep about three this morning when one of the misbegotten little idiots began strumming on his home-made banjo…This morning, I can picture them all huddled on the motel floor, like a pack of raccoons, sniffing the air and twitching happily in sniffy contentment.”

Both groups left about 7 AM this morning in the drizzly rain, headed for Astoria and the Maritime Museum. Mel’s coupe is hanging in there, and he’s babying it along. Bill thinks the Sedan is making an odd noise, but no one, so far, can identify the malady. Joel woke to a flat tire, and Bill and Mel sent everyone ahead, while they assessed their situations. They did get to the Maritime Museum, and went on to Sea View for lunch…by 3 PM, they were still there, wondering what that new sound was coming from Jack’s car. Bill cancelled happy hour, since it will probably take four hours to reach the Locks.

When I called Bill from Jack & Dianna’s in Portland, he gave me a new name…”Ditcher John”. Think I better lay low for a few months.

The Jones’ have been staying at Jack & Dianna’s for the last few days, and will drive with them to Pendelton tomorrow.

Less than 200 miles to go to our destination…keep a good thought for our safe arrival.

Drifting around the mighty Columbia River Basin…J & J, Bill, Liz & Ron, Bill & Linda, Joel, Ed & Dianne, Will, Chris & Karla, Pat & Reiko, Chuck & Nora, Mel, Daryl, Ewert & Cathy, Jack, the bird of mechanical woes, and Bob & Patti in spirit…

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