Friday, July 27, 2007

Thursday's Events

Car Judging: Jack Richard and Diana, entered their '28 blindback.

The Swap Meet, know Ted Kafer found something, door handle, and Darryll Coe found watches, but there was nothing we found. Ray, lots of rust!

Went to the Pendleton underground tour.
Wool on an actual scale donated by the Pendleton Mills

In the 20's and 30's, the Empire Meet Market used the underground to bring in pig and steer to their meat market. Cut it up underground and brought it upstairs for selling.

The Saddle up your A's committee arranged for a free bracelet, along with a model a charm in the goodie bag,to get one started and reeled in, in collecting the charms. We perused the town for charms in search of different charms for the bracelet. ie:Charm at the underground is a colt 45. Each of the different merchants all over Pendleton offer a speciality charm, for the bracelet the Chamber of Commerce offers.

posted by John and Judy


Anonymous said...

Hello to all. sounds like you are all having a good time.Heard a little about some car troubles. Hope you all make it home OK. Congratulations Liz on your FIRST place in fashions.
Bob & Shirley

Anonymous said...

pat and bob,

keep on "truckin, hope you are

having a good time??????!!!!!!!!

jim mc - the pa kid

Anonymous said...

I am having a blast !!!! I have had four issues with my car but working thru them all. Looks like my car will be marking its terratory all the way back to Redwood Shores, with its leaking main bearing. The oil pours out but I have more then a case of spare oil. I have armed myself with aluminum foil to foil any thoughts of vapor lock as we travel over some high passes coming home. I will be counting the days for the Medford meet next year. Tschuess

jackcastor said...

The green roadster that was bought in San Francisco and joined us on the trip has expired in Yakima, Washington. The car travelled with us during the first two days, making it to Fort Bragg, California and Gold Beach, Oregon despite making an engine noise. After some point in Oregon the new owner, Paul Christen, left our route and headed for Portland and Yakima. We received the news via cell phone. He will trailer the car to Winthrop, Washington, I believe.

My car developed a nasty noise that was from the splash pans coming adrift. It was not a critical problem, and it was corrected in Pendleton.

My fan came loose in Seaview, Washington, and the problem was quickly solved by Mel, by stealing a washer from an engine bolt and putting it on the fan shaft.

Pendleton is a lovely town, and I soon found a good Chinese restaurant. Ewart's wife, Cathy, is from Beijing, and needs Chinese food nearly every day. We go to this restaurant frequently.

On the Grand Tour Daryl rode with me, to save his car for the trip home. About halfway through the tour we heard a very loud bang. The two-bladed fan became a one-blader. There was no damage to the radiator. We finished the tour on a trailer, and with the help of Pat Lovejoy, who hammered out my damaged engine cover, and Ted Kafer, who helped change the fan and water pump (the keyway was damaged from the Woodruff key resisting removal of the fan). We managed to avoid removal of the stone guard and radiator to do the job. The car runs fine now, and wants to go home.

Bob M. said...

Glad to hear that Jack and Darryl are undeterred by these little itty bitty problems. As for us, we have joined the Model T tour to Woodland in the little green roadster, it really likes going 35 mph. But it keeps looking north.

Anonymous said...

Glad you're all doing good, we met Bob and Pat with the Model T group and we are in
Cordelia right now. We just toured the Budweiser plant and we are ready for dinner. Warm and windy. Everybody having fun. Bob and Mary Beaman

Anonymous said...

Good for people to know.