Wednesday, July 16, 2008


We are off to the Model T Centennial Celebration in Indiana. We are lugging a little black trailer with our speedster in it and Ray and Linda are tailing us and sometimes leading us with their trailer and speedster. We also have Janet and Rich with us as passengers, apprentice model T wannabes, and assistant everything. First day, we got an unexpected sendoff from the donut shop in Milpitas when Hazletons and Jones from the Model A club showed up to see us off. We bumped and pitched our way out of California on the worst roads (I680, I580, I5, and I80) you can imagine. California has got to be entering a crisis stage as far as the roads breaking up. What a relief to get into NV and onto some smooth roads. Long day, got into Elko at 6:15, took longer getting over the Sierras than we thought and more total miles than we thought. But,,,,, we had a great Basque dinner at the Star Hotel, obviously THE place to get Basque food in Elko judging from the crowd on a Wed nite. Included a couple desert pictures that show what we looked at for most of the day.


Anonymous said...

I don't see any dessert pictures. Did you forget them or don't I know how to bring them up? Glad to see you are blogging so I can follow the trip. Happy trails! Marlayna

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob,Pat,Rich,Janet,Ray & Linda-
Looking forward to hearing your tales! Mary probably wouldn't have made a very good stowaway in your trailer!
-Fair Winds and Smooth Seas (ROADS)!
-Bob and Mary B.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. (We did see the pictures.) We ate the donuts you didn't have time for after you left :>)

We didn't hear about the crickets. Maybe tomorrow? Good luck and stay in out of the rain.

Dave and Susan

Anonymous said...

44 looks pretty snug in his new home.
Glad you guys are on the road!

Have fun and watch out for cars :)


M3 said...

Hooray, you're on the road again! The donut sendoff sounds yummy, and Basque food, well you KNOW I wish I was having some Basque food with you. Fun stuff, can't wait to read more.

M3 said...

PS: the title of this post really cracked me up!

Anonymous said...

Hi to all. Glad to hear you all had a safe day. looking forward to reading about your trip.Have a great time.(Dave lied we did'nt have donuts)
Bob & Shirley

Anonymous said...

Glad you're off safely into the wild blue wonder again!
Miss those wild blue yonder days...but they'll be coming soon.
Great picts.
Have a good one!

Catherine said...

Glad you're having such a great time! We miss you already!!

LOL...needed Mary-Mia to interpret your post for me. This Canadian didn't know what Basque food was but now that she knows she'd like to try it some day...mmm!

Hope you're having a great time friends! It was SO good to see you earlier this week. Looking forward to following your travels.

Anonymous said...

had a feeling you would be heading
for richmond. will be hitting my
son home, in ky, soon. eat up
his food for a change !

you think cal has bad roads, you
know what pa has. no roads.
jim in pa