Sunday, August 01, 2010


Left Missoula at 8 this morning with 6 trailers and one modern car who has Alberta and Thea and Thoren Jorgensen and of course Zoe the black lab. The other Jorgensen clan had to wait to pick up Hans at the airport at 11:30. So in true Model T touring fashion we once again left them behind.

An absolutely beautiful scenic drive to Whitefish and then we started to climb UP, UP,  and UP, a really steep steep STEEP grade to the Whitefish Mountain Resort.  We began to think we will never get the T’s up this mountain. In our modern cars we struggled up the mountain trying to pull our trailers. The trailers were screaming unload these clunkers, NOW. When we got to the top, we discovered that previously 3 T’s and 2 motor homes had blown their engines coming up the hill. And we found out that Jim Boydens truck blew the transmission and is in the shop in Whitefish. After a brief pow-wow, we decided to take our moderns and trailers back down the mountain to park in an open field. This way we can leave the T’s and the trailers at the bottom every evening.

Some decided to ride the toboggan slide down the hill and it was fun. Then took the chair lift back up. Saw many familiar faces and had a BBQ this evening. Our whole gang dressed western for the BBQ.  The Whitefish Mountain Resort is very nice. This is definitely big sky country with lots of billowing white clouds and thunder storms.

We took a few pictures today. Oh, Henrietta the snake has not returned but this evening a very mysterious skull appeared on the back of our runabout. At first I worried that we had been hexed. Upon closer inspection I discovered that it is supposed to catch the evil spirits to protect us, thank goodness. All Santa Clara people were accounted for at the time except I. J. and P. J. hmmmmmm.

Click any picture for a larger version.

TDSC03113 TDSC03118

The T emerges. Wela Pat tobogganing.

TDSC03122 TDSC03128

Taking the chairlift up after tobogganing. Push, Pat, we are late for dinner.

Below, all our cast of characters in western garb. 

TDSC03130 TDSC03131

TDSC03132 TDSC03134

TDSC03135 TDSC03136

TDSC03133 TDSC03137

Yours truly,,,,,                  

Has a hex been put on us?


Anonymous said...

Howdy Cowboys and Cowgirls. You all look great. Once again the photos were so good. What beautiful scenery.. Glad all is going OK for you all.Enjoy tomorrow.
Shirley & Bob

Anonymous said...

MAFTC tours are just like an SCVC tour, just another excuse to visit a new resturants each day!

Looks like everyone is having a great time, thanks for taking us along, even if it's from our armchair.

Anonymous said...

Love the cowboy hats. You all look very stylish, right out of the wild wild west!

Who knew Mom was such a daredevil bombing down the tobaggan run!


Anonymous said...

I gotta buy a T so I can have fun too! There's a nice depot hack for sale in the yard at Oakdale...I'll check the price Friday on the way up the hill. Then I have to buy a trailer, and then something to pull that, and lots of spare tires...
John G