Wednesday, August 04, 2010


Today was a low key day, shorter optional tour, R and R after yesterdays dawn to dusk run, and maintenance day for guys tinkering on their cars  hoping for better performance in the mountains.  So we made a leisurely departure down the mountain at 9 AM.

Down at the T storage lot,  Henrietta the snake has returned (turned up in our tote TDSC03244 box in the T) and is so happy. She doesn’t want to travel for a while. Apparently, she picked up a buddy, Charlotte the spider, who scared the bejeebers out of me (Patti). I unsnapped the side curtain on the passenger side, stuck my head inside and screamed so loud that the people across  the parking lot started over because they thought I was hurt. Charlotte the spider was sitting on my seat talking to Henrietta. Charlotte is a 3 inch plastic arachnid who scares me each time she visits.

We went off to the tire store to purchase a new spare tire for our trailer. Bill also had a tire that needed repaired. Ray stayed with his T to work out some of the kinks. Beamans, Meneelys and Edwards headed off to Kalispell to shop, eat and sightsee.  TDSC03256

Had lunch at Moose’s Saloon, a local watering hole, some folks would say a dive,   others would say a heritage landmark. When we entered it was so dark that we had to stand by the swinging doors for a minute or so until our eyes adjusted. When was the last time you ate in a saloon with the floor covered in sawdust? The food was good but apparently we were not very good company for our president because he took a nap at the table in front of all of us, so we did the only thing we could and slipped out without him.TDSC03255






Tried to find a scenic road back to Whitefish to avoid driving back up 93 which is a main crowded 4 lane artery, amazing amount of traffic in both directions. Took one wrong turn and a friendly guy stopped to ask if we needed help. We replied no, just missed the turn. He said oh you really don’t want to travel on a gravel road all the way to town, do you? Of course not, so we turned around and found a real nice Model T paved road that paralleled the main highway. The countryside was  gorgeous with fields of queen Annes lace wildflowers. Bob sniffed out a pretty little airport with a mowed grass landing strip.

Finally, downtown Whitefish with shopping at a thrift store andTDSC03264 general store. Found a unique basket woven with natural sheep’s wool and decorated with antlers. I really needed this!  Final activity was a stop at the local Ford dealer who was hosting a car show for all the T’s, We T types got the opportunity to walk around and inspect all the competition.  Here is  one for the books, a turbocharged T engine in a TT truck.







Oh no rain today and instead of  being cold we all got sunburned with the temp in the 80’s. Headed back up the mountain and tomorrow is another day. 


Anonymous said...

Henrietta- you vixen! Glad you're OK!!!


Anonymous said...

Glad you guys stayed dry.
Hope for good weather for today too.


Anonymous said...

I particularly liked the movie with Patti standing up to shoot over the windshield! Great shots of both the T's and the scenery.

Look forward to seeing your next travel spoke, RG

Anonymous said...

Good to hear everyone is doing well mechanicaly, even if the Pres ran out of gas in the saloon...
John G

Catherine said...


Hannah woke up as I was reading this and immediately began to say, Wela! Wela!! she also typed you the message above. I'm sure it says, ``I love `you We`la. C`an't wait to see you again! stIll loving MY
`we;a` `wear<WWSSSZ` (more helP frim miSS H!)