Saturday, August 14, 2010


Okay, here are the statistics, from the Santa Clara Model T Ford Club, we had 21 members in 11 cars.  Beamans, Boydens, Bratts, two Edwards cars, Fontaines, 2 Jorgensen cars, Meneelys, Roeders, and Silvieras.  All the Santa Clara Model T’s finished in good shape, no repairs at all that I know of.  Modern iron didn’t fare as well, some serious bucks left behind in Whitefish for transmission repairs.  Trailer tires were the other nagging problem. 

As for us, we drove the Bronco 2573 miles, filled it up 12 times, got a gas mileage of 11.8 mpg, not as great as I had hoped, but the Bronco was unhappy and missing a little under load on the hills, gotta troubleshoot that one.  We replaced one bulging trailer tire in Whitefish and discovered another bulge ready for replacement after we got home.  We drove the T about 650 miles, fueled it 7 times, and got about 17.5 mpg.  I never added any water but I added a half quart of oil one day when it was not level, then later discovered it was plenty full, parking level is everything. 

On the way home, stopped at our cousins in Ephrata, WA.  Mickey has a hot rod garage complete with soda fountain in his backyard (backyards are big in rural WA), check out the pictures.  This is so cool.  I want one of these.  (Click on any picture for a larger version.)

TDSC03372 TDSC03373



Oh, and one other stop at the quilt show in Eureka, MT.   A few pictures for you quilt lovers.  Pat was in heaven.  How about the quilt cop on the ATV?



Anonymous said...

ooooo aaaaahhhh
Your very own soda that is livin!!

Can you say milkshake overdose


Anonymous said...

I want to visit your cousin Mickey.What a awesome place....and all those quilts OMG they looked beautiful. All in all it looks like you all had another great trip. Thanks for sharing it with us.. We really enjoyed all the photos and daily reports.
Bob & Shirley

Anonymous said...

Welcome home, so what is the next destination that you are taking us?

Thanks for the reporting, I loved to start each day with your report.