Saturday, August 07, 2010


Finished off the tour today with only 90 miles.  Today was a nice mostly flat, mostly backroads tour in the Flathead Valley.  Stopped at two car collections, the guys loved that, had lunch in Big Fork (with lots of shops), the gals loved that.

Got a few raindrops, just enough to make the tops go up and down.  Meneelys put theirs down, and it started to sprinkle so everyone else put theirs up.  It stopped after about 60 seconds so tops went back down. 

Spiders, cockroaches, and voodoo charms and the bloody foot were exchanged with the Jorgensens, it is rumored that Ivan drove all the way back to Whitefish with a cockroach in his glove.  All in all, it was a real nice day to finish off the week, and relatively easy on the cars.  We think our Santa Clara members have the most fun and are the best to travel with.

By our calculation, we have driven just over 650 miles on the daily T tours plus some miscellaneous comings and goings.  Robin Pharis commented that this was the equivalent of 4 Endurance Runs back to back.  The folks are weary, but all our T’s are still running just fine, so kudos to the Santa Clara gang for their Model T’s.  No one in our group had any T problems to amount to anything, it is just the modern iron that has let folks down.  Oh, by the way, Boydens got their truck back today, don’t ask how much it cost.  Ray and Linda are stuck here until Tuesday at the earliest.  The rest of us are scattering to the winds, some north, some west, some east, some south, some visiting friends and relatives on the way home, some hightailing it for jobs waiting on Monday or Tuesday, and some lucky folks going to Speedweek at Bonneville.  Pat and I are off to Eureka for a quilt show displaying 450 quilts around the town, she says this is payback time.

Safe travels to all and thanks to all our blog followers.  This is the last post, see you at home. Here are a  few pics for today out of the 5 million taken.  Click on any one for a larger version.



Balancing act to keep the trailer from tripping while driving the car in and out. Mighty pretty farmland, wonder what it is like in January.

TDSC03327 TDSC03330

Lots of hay. Rain played heck with this wheat.



A small section of dirt road today, I dusted everybody. Don’t you gals want to see some more cars?



Couldn’t find the winch remote, had to drive the T into the trailer,  tight fit. Our fashionista, Alberta made the dress!!







Final gathering.  


Unknown said...

Enjoyed the virtual tour with you all...have a safe trip back...
John & Judy

Anonymous said...

Great trip to Montana! We had a blast and are not looking forward to being home and having to go to work on Tuesday. We are in Kennewick, WA tonight and heading south tomorrow. Should be home on Monday. Hope everyone has a great safe trip home.

Bob & Mary

Catherine said...

Another great trip! Thanks for taking us along.

Hey, we'd love to see all the quilts. Aren't you going to post about all the fun you had at the quilt show?