Wednesday, September 04, 2013


Our group of three hit the road at 7:30 to make some serious tracks to Bend.  About two hours out we started looking for the necessary facilities, which it turns out are few and far between on Oregon route 62.  Finally turned into a campground and searched for an outhouse. Well hidden in the trees.  Good thing we found this little sign post,,,,,TDSC05567It pointed to this cute little building.   It even had a window.  (Only in Oregon!)TDSC05568Saw a lot of scenery like this,,,,,  (Only in Oregon.)TDSC05572 When we got back to civilization (pop 350), we found survival rations.    I had homemade apple, good, good, good.

TDSC05573 Arrived at the Roundup, and this strange machine was parked outside. Half Model A, and half imagination.TDSC05577Everyone from the SCVC group is in.  No roadside seminars today.  But a few cars took more than 9.5 gallons after that rather lonely stretch.  Don’s cracked block is getting a little worse, cylinder got water in it overnight and he had a hydraulic lock this morning. Gotta be careful not to bend a rod.  Tonight was the welcome social.  There are 294 registrations, that is a lot of people to get all in one room.  And near as we can tell, we brought 42 people.TDSC05588  We probably won’t post for the next couple days, as we will be camped here in Bend.   


Anonymous said...

Glad everyone arrived safe & sound. Have fun!
-Bob & Mary B.

Unknown said...

Loved that pit stop, and I mean pit!
Ant port in a storm....
J and J