Wednesday, September 04, 2013


Wasn’t going to post today, but just got too many good pictures.  Went off this morning to find Benham Falls, but what we found was trouble on a wire over the Deschutes River.TDSC05592 Fortunately, it had a stout lock, so we settled for a foot bridge on the way to the Falls.TDSC05594 Half mile hide to Benham Falls, not too high,,,,,TDSC05600Of more interest, Ray’s tree,,,,TDSC05597and Pat’s tree,,,,,TDSC05605Ran for the car when we saw this footprint,,,,TDSC05609   Went and drowned our selves in bottomless root beer floats at Red Robin…..TDSC05614  Dozed through the speedometer seminar,,,,TDSC05615 Drove to the top of Pilot Butte cinder cone, quite neat climbing this cone by circling around and around it as you go up.   360 degree view of central Oregon.  The guys spent the time with binoculars, the ladies, well,,,,,TDSC05620 Finished a fine day off with Sangria and hot fudge Shooter at Applebees.TDSC05625


Anonymous said...

Looks like fun. We love Bend.
Jane and I are very intrigued by the bottomless rootbeer floats :) Are those everyday at Red Robin or just on special occasions???


Anonymous said...

nice pictures! enjoying your blog-
B.& M.

Unknown said...

Who's the big foot? and not the grey shoes one.
Interesting trees and food!
Like the pictures, just post those Bob.
Enjoy, J and J