Friday, September 06, 2013


More exploring of the local area above and below ground, i.e. the lava tube cave. TDSC05626


You notice Ray and Linda are missing in these pics, Ray doesn’t do caves.

TDSC05629 TDSC05630 TDSC05637 Then we hoped on the brewery tour, went to a new brewery here in Bend that will soon be expanding into CA.  Interesting facts, took 2 mil to set up the brewery, there are 18 and soon to be 24 brewerys in Bend.  It is the pure water of the Deschutes River here in Oregon.TDSC05638 Motored out to Sisters to check out the antique stores and quilt shop, and got treated to a fine thunderstorm.  Took refuge in the Bakery and consoled ourselves with an apple pie.TDSC05643 TDSC05641 Same storm cut the car judging a little short.   When we got back, Ray’s car decided it had had enough.  Trouble shot one thing at a time and it was the coil.  And I always say “it is never the coil.  Shot the hell out of that saying.    ”Long day, dinner at 8:30.   zzzzzz.


M3 said...

This post made me laugh!

Fun stuff.

Anonymous said...

Tell Ray I don't do caves either! wish I/we were with you. Thank you for doing this blog; i am enjoying your enjoyment.!
Liz Cilker

Unknown said...

Just your ole Model A trip....Rain, "A" troubleshooting and food! :)
Oh well, still much fun!