Friday, September 06, 2013


Grand Tour today, little wet at the beginning, as we climbed out towards Mt. Bachelor, began to wonder if we really wanted to do this.TDSC05647 This highway was the scene of a stage in the US Cycling Championships today.  Lots of groups of cyclists escorted by police on motorcycles.TDSC05653 But the weather improved as we went along, and was good for the rest of the day.  Tour turned around at Crane Prairie Lake.  Nice lodge and store and boat rental there,  fish pictures in the store were incredible.TDSC05659 Tour ended at a pavilion here in town, and had the opportunity to grab a couple pictures of the whole group, all the cars on the tour in the same place.TDSC05667 And all the people in the same place.  Click on this pic to make it larger and see if you can spot these people: In the lower left foreground, Patti, Ray & Linda, Gene & Carol, Don & Judy.  In the middle, Wayne & Julie, Ron, Will & Carla.TDSC05666

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Anonymous said...

Patti, is that you in a light tangerine colored shirt?