Monday, September 09, 2013


The Final Push.

140 miles today, down 113 through Rio Vista, across the Antioch Bridge,and the GPS put us on a really slick bypass on 4 East around Oakley and Brentwood.  Wondered where it was taking us for a while but it worked really well, no red lights.  As we approached Rio Vista, Mt. Diablo looked like a volcano, because of the fire.TDSC05743 Home at last, home at last.  You don’t ever notice our traffic when you start out on a tour, and it is great touring on two lane roads and out of state, but it is just a bear getting back into the valley at the end of a long tour. Just doesn’t seem friendly to a poor little old Model A. We were dragging a bit by the time we got home.TDSC05746We show 1605 miles on the odometer, and the little black coupe performed perfectly.  Never did add any oil or water, got 20.8 mpg overall (don’t move that mixture knob!!!!!!)  Now all we need is a real good cleaning,,,,,,TDSC05745  The rest of the touring A’s are still out there, half will get home tomorrow, the other half are lost in the wineries of Oregon.     So where are we going next?  Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Welcome home! It was nice to "travel along" in your blog.
B & M

Unknown said...

Ditto, to what B and M said "Welcome Home" what's next on the agenda; Puyallup?
J and J

Anonymous said...

We always love to travel, but home always looks good when we get back. Glad you had a good adventure.