Saturday, September 07, 2013


Last day at the Roundup. Started the day out right at the old car swap meet in Redmond,  pretty big event,  found some “stuff” there, the ladies were not impressed.TDSC05671 Then Fontaines and Meneelys split for home, (Bob doesn’t do banquets). On the way we ran across this big fella,,,,,TDSC05673 Escaped with our lives and ended up at,,,,TDSC05674 Had to hike out to the most precarious point,,,,TDSC05678 Splurged to stay in the old Lodge…..TDSC05682 We have a 4th floor dormer room with a claw foot tub with a view. Don’t worry, all Patti’s clothes are drip dry.TDSC05683 Crater lake is one of those things that you cannot take an adequate picture of, but we do try……TDSC05687Nice veranda, rocking chairs, hors d’ouvres, a little wine, watched the lake go to sleep…..TDSC05693  Good day, good Fords, good scenery…..


Anonymous said...

Just got caught up on the the blog and your travels.
Sure looks like a good time. Crater lake looks beautiful. It is definitely on my list of places to visit.

Safe travels heading for home


Jane said...

these photos are so beautiful. Crater Lake looks like a great place to visit!