Wednesday, May 01, 2019

California Dreamin' - Day 3

Tuesday, April 30, 2019.   No rain today, just overcast.  The Model T group stirs early, tweaking, polishing, checking and scouting. 

Finding critters,,,  like spiders,,,,


Could one of these be the culprit????

On our way, rush hour in Buellton,,,,

Drove thru an area of beautiful horse farms and wineries to Los Olivos, stopped at Mattei's Tavern from the 1800's.

Pat loved the wisteria,,,,

Good shot of all the T's,,,

Strolled the main drag of Los Olivos, and then engaged in a favorite small town activity,  sitting on the corner, waiting for something to go by.

High  traffic roads,,,, lots of wildflowers, oak trees particularly beautiful with new bright green foliage.

Look what we found in Los Alamos,,,,

My sewing machine expert at work,,,,an Oct. 11, 1911 Singer with a long shuttle bobbin.

Hmmm,  this eventually led to a quilt store,,,,  with instructions,,,

Patio lunch at Charlies in Los Alamos,,,,

Everywhere we go, the mustard is beautiful, alongside the road, on the hillsides, it is hard to show it in a picture, but we had to stop by this stand of 6 foot mustard..

Finished off the day with a visit to the Mendenhall Museum here in Buellton,  has to be one of the world's premier collections of petroliana.  Model T's all drove in and packed the yard area.

End of day 3,,,,    stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Fun day. Stay dry and warm.
Mary B.

Anonymous said...

Did Patti get a new sewing machine? She was sure enthusiastic over that little thing.
Mary B