Thursday, May 02, 2019

California Dreamin' - Day 5

May 2, 2019, 68 miles.  Foggy morning to start, lifting as we drove, becoming a beautiful day at the beach.   More of those crowded country roads down here.

So pretty, mustard on the left, marijuana on the right.   Got that distinctive skunk smell.

Little leg stretch and roadside chit chat....

Up and over a bunch of mountains and we come down to the sea,,,,

Jalama Beach is a really nice beach,  except you really need to watch out for the tar on a hot day, very sticky.   I managed to put my foot on a 6" glob before I figured out what those black blobs were.   Thought for a while I was in for a new pair of shoes,,,,

Fortunately the big blobs were pretty localized and the rest of the beach was quite enjoyable....

Wondered about these nice signs though,,,,,

Hamburgers at the Jalama Beach café and leisurely returned via the same back road to Buellton.  This evening,  scrounged up a bocce ball game.   The only person who knew the rules was Peder,  who won over Bob 21  to 17.   Is that a conflict of interest?

Went to put the car away and found a sea snake,,,,      aarrrggggh.   

The beat goes on,,,,,,,

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janet and rich said...

I would have peed my pants 😂