Friday, May 10, 2019

Gold Country Tour - Day 2

May 10,2019.  This was one full day.  Started with a new snake infestation,,,

Drivers meeting at 8:00,,,,

And off to see a wood burning Model T,,,
The stuff on the back is a gasifier, heats up wood chips to make burnable hydrogen and methane which is piped to the carburetor.     Once warmed up, the engine runs along just fine.   This was a technology that was used in WWII when fuel became scarce.  A few of our folks got a ride in it,,,,


Lots of interesting things to look at,,,,,

One man sawmill using a chain saw blade, worked remarkably well,,,,

And then to a patio lunch at the Diamond Springs Hotel,,,,

Second stop of the day,  Travers collection of everything, hit and miss engines of every kind and size,  model T's  nickelodeons and more,   overwhelming...

Look at this 2 cylinder hit or miss, running engine, great sound,,,,

 In the junk pile, I found the rim I need and made a deal,,,,

 Final activity for the day, a visit to an Iris farm on Apple Hill,,,,

Finished this full day with a visit to Boa Vista Apple Shed on Apple Hill,  cider and turnovers and dumplings and fritters came away,,,,,,,    Hope we can still make the hills tomorrow....

By the way,, should this be my next project?

Or maybe this????

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