Friday, May 10, 2019

Gold Country Tour - Day 1

May 9, 2019.  Arrival in Placerville.  Six trailered, four intrepid souls drove.   All arrived, but some needing a little maintenance along the way.  Early arrivals got to visit Placerville Hardware, quilt shops and museums.  Eventually, the group gathered for poolside snacks and chats,,,,

And free happy hour wine at our hotel,,,,,

Followed by Mexican dinner at the next door restaurant,,,,

Believe you me, we got enough to eat,,,,

Major discussion item at the dinner table.....     On the way up, Beamans T made some rattling noises in the transmission.   Pulled the cover and this was in the screen.   WHAT IS IT?  It is no longer rattling but where did this come from?????  

One other problem on the way up,  Jim's 32 developed some clacking valves.   Pulling the valve cover off revealed that some of the lock nuts on the adjustable valve lifters had loosened.   This did require some ingenuity to reset the valves, as we could only get two wrenches on these three wrench lifters.   Finished the job by flashlight after dinner....

As you can see, lots of hands, lots of interest,,,,  

Ready for touring tomorrow,,,,,,

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