Friday, May 03, 2019

California Dreamin' - Day 6

May 3, 2019  38 miles.  Later start this morning gave time for a little local exploration.  Out at the edge of town, spotted this machine planting broccoli seedlings.   Eight ladies sitting on the back feeding the seedlings into a mechanism which put them in the ground.  The amazing thing was it planted 16 rows moving about as fast as you would normally walk.  

Oh, and being Friday, spotted a couple garage sales, Pat came out with this, just no accounting for some folks taste,,,,,

When  the official tour began, first stop was at a miniature horse ranch,,,,

And we did obey all the signs,,,,

One little baby out in the pasture, so-o-o-o sleepy,,,

On to Santa Ynez and the Carriage Museum,,,,,

After lunch, we took another one of those crowded Model T roads that they have down here,,,,

Which took us to Nojoqui Falls.  Now they had these signs,  kind of a CYA thing I think,  ignored by everyone.  Got to admit, it was a little bit of a mountain goat trail...

Falls were really pretty,,,,

Next stop was Mission Santa Ines.  

When we came out to the parking lot, came upon a "quince era" celebration, taking pictures of this young girl in this fabulous dress.   Her photog asked if she could use our cars as a backdrop.   Funny the things that cross paths with us.....

Anyway, tonight was the final banquet,  stuffed us to the gills.  There was a special award made to a good Samaritan observed under a car assisting with a muffler,,,,,  Call Barbara for mobile repairs!!!

There were door prizes, our gang won some,,,

And finally, a picture of all the attendees from Santa Clara Valley Model T Ford Club.

The end.        Goodnight Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are.


Anonymous said...

Love the young girls dress! Wow don’t think P & L dress company could do that!
Safe drive home. Tell Becky & David we will see them soon and we are looking forward to the trip .
Mary B

Anonymous said...

Nice trip and we didn’t even get off the couch! Thanks ‼️
See you both in Sonoma... J and J

M3 said...

Looks like a great trip! (Love your shirts)

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