Wednesday, May 01, 2019

California Dreamin' - Day 4

May 1, 2019.  36 miles.  This little critter appeared on our car this morning.

This was a free day, model T's scattered to the winds.   Our little group elected to go back to Lompoc and see more of the murals.  Although some bad actors kept photobombing.....

This one was fearsome,,,,

This mural here was completed in one day,,,,

Now this mural here, about temperance, not so sure about the ladies.

 Our next destination was the ostrich farm, Pat got to feed the ostriches.  

After that we strolled the streets of Solvang, enjoyed the shops, did not buy anything.   Later, this vehicle showed up in our hotel parking lot.   It is a land speed record holder, driver is Danny Thompson, son of Mickey Thompson.   448 mph,  what a machine,,,,

After talking for an hour, we helped put it to bed for the night....

This evening, tri-tip in the  park,  loved the salad,,,,

 And all the trimmings,,,

That's all folks,,,,,,,,,


Anonymous said...

Ow those murals are something! I order what the ladies are looking at in the last one! Glad the weather is better.
Mary B

Anonymous said...

Sorry auto correct changed to order should have been wonder.
Mary B

Anonymous said...

Liked the murals, WOW, one day, amazing. Hey Bob, did you ask if he wanted to race? You might’ve won! Thanks for your blog. Judy