Sunday, May 12, 2019

Gold Country Tour - Day 3

May 11, 2019.  Another action packed day.   At our drivers meeting, first order of business was to present David with his 2019 driving patch....

And off we went to the Veerkamp Caterpillar Collection.   Veerkamp is a construction contractor in Placerville, hence all the big iron that we parked beside,,,,

I dare say the Veerkamp Collection of Caterpillars is number one world-wide.  Even Caterpillar Company comes to him when they need a display of vintage equipment.  Our  host in the midst of  the vintage iron,,,,

I had to climb to try this big Best on just for size,,,,

Veerkamp has the first tracklayer that was made under the Caterpillar name after Best and Holt merged,  it was white, with chrome and brass trim and was used as a showpiece.  Caterpillar would like to have that one back.

This Cat actually came from the factory with a Model T top,  imagine that,.

We did finally tear ourselves away for a lunch in David's shop.   Needless to say, it was awesome gourmet,  thank you David and Becky, 

Becky,  how did you do all this???? Everything was delicious especially the home made pies and truffles!

After lunch, we did a quick stop at Sutters Mill,,,,,

And headed for the fairgrounds for the dirt track races.   Had a good parking spot on the grass beside the grandstand,,,,

My gosh, those sprint cars are fast,,,

But my favorite has to be the vintage stocks,  looked just like the cars I watched racing on dirt in the fifties,,,,

And then, our own two Model T speedsters took the track,,,,

The crowd loved it, I know Peder and Ed had fun, 5 laps around that bumpy track,,,,

And so we bring our Gold Country adventure to a close,  time to load up, head for home and do a bunch of repairs on my poor Model T.   I think I have a cracked brake drum, it is eating the Kevlar band resulting in basically no foot brake, adjusted twice so far, does not last.   Darn.

We can not thank David and Becky enough for all the planning and preparation that went into our tour here.  Our tour days were so well done,  as Pat would say,  "Fantastic!!!"    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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