Monday, October 14, 2019


October 12, 2019, Las Vegas to Tehachapi, 265 miles.  Leaving Vegas, saw a sign: "Last Starbucks for 100 miles."    Could be classed as a desert hardship.   17 mile downhill into Baker for fuel.  And the famous Baker thermometer, showing  67 degrees just for us.

There was a 400 mph jet car on display at the gas station,  doesn't do dry lakes only runways and highways, little aircraft tires on the back,  I don't know,,,,,

Refueled again in Barstow,  couldn't find a Subway, but did find a sidewalk vendor with one dollar tacos.   Small, good, and cheap.     I had 4, Mark had 6, Jill had 3.  Everybody else went to a Foster Freeze.   While we were there, a guy came in and ordered 20.   A regular customer. 

Pressing on, we arrived at the Borax mine in Boron, just think,  it all started with 20 mule teams pulling wagons from Death Valley,,,

Does he bite????

Largest open pit mine in USA,,,,

They use these itty bitty trucks to haul the minerals to the processing plant,,,

This tire weighs more than the A, and costs way more than a blue ribbon A,,,,

Somebody has a sense of humor at the Borax plant,,,,

Did a driving  tour of the Mojave Air and Space Port,   but being Saturday, all the hangars were closed,   On to Tehachapi and the Apple Festival,   found apple pie and strawberry rhubarb pie, so it was a successful day.

Tomorrow, home.

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