Monday, October 07, 2019


October 6, 2019, Tour to Cedar Breaks, 150 miles.   Fall leaves, colorful vistas.  Climbed back up to 10,000 feet at Cedar Breaks.

Great views, click on any picture for a larger version.  In the next picture, you can almost see Modena, it is just behind the second row of hills, that's where we saw the BigBoy, has to be nearly a 100 miles as the crow flies.


Fall leaves on the return were spectacular,,,,

This one is neat, fall leaves and a big lava flow,,,,
Here is a little video of us driving,,, check back, not working right now.
Had lunch at Aunt Sue's Chalet in Duck Creek,,,  for me was apple pie and a chocolate milkshake,,,,
Milestone today for the little black coupe,,,
This evening was the welcome party at the local park, Santa Clara took up a whole long table.   Good job by the caterer, fed 700+ folks in half an hour.
 I must mention that Bob Beaman presented Patti with a roll of toilet paper, although I think it is MAN paper. 

And the inscription is: "It's rough!  It's tough!  And it doesn't take crap off anyone!!!!!

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