Thursday, October 03, 2019


October 3, 2019, Los Altos Hills to Lee Vining, CA, 250 miles.  Model A's and moderns on the road and Model A's being towed.  Model A's on the road left from the donut shop in Milpitas, and headed for Yosemite, eight A's, 4 moderns and a motorhome.

Model A's being towed left from Monterey Hwy and headed for Tehachapi, 6 A's on trailers.

The Yosemite group skirted Livermore, and took the old Altamont Pass road, and we laughed at the stop and go traffic trying to get into the Bay Area while we escaped from the Bay Area, with a tailwind, I might add.

Made really good time, and had a gourmet lunch in Big Oak Flat,,,,,

Entered Yosemite with our antique Golden Passport, which we had purchased for $10 many years ago, Barretts had to cough up $80 for a one year National Park pass,  Holy Moley!!!!!  I guess for this trip that averages out to $20 a park, better look at it that way.

We saturated the Crane Flat gas station,,,,

Where a parking lot seminar took place.

Brand new water hose gave up the ghost,,,   Can you imagine that?

 Headed for Tioga, traces of snow on the roadside.   Stopped at Olmstead viewpoint that overlooked the east end of Yosemite Valley.   That is Half-Dome in the distance, and with some powerful binoculars, we could see tiny figures making the climb to the top.

Crested Tioga an took the long long descent to Lee Vining,,,,,

Lee Vining is home to the Upside Down House, we had to go see that.  Tables, chairs, pots and pans, rug, everything upside down.   

Fueled up for tomorrow,,,,,  sticker shock!!!

At dinner, some of us had room for some really big desserts,,,,,,

The trailer group was more reserved,,,,

First day, good, the adventure continues tomorrow.......

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