Thursday, October 10, 2019


October 10,2019, Tour to Bryce Canyon, 175 miles.  Destination Bryce,  temperature when we arrived at Bryce was 37 degrees F and windy (chill factor, chill factor!!!).  We put on every piece of clothing that we had and went sightseeing anyway.  The colors and the hoodoos were spectacular. 

Someone caught this picture of us going thru,,,,

Arrived at the Amphitheater formation,,,,,

Had some bundled up ladies here,,,,,

Did a panoramic video, you can hear the wind,,,,

Final banquet tonight, 750 people for dinner all in one big room.   It actually worked, everyone was fed in a reasonable amount of time.    And so, tomorrow, we head west, stay tuned.

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Anonymous said...

Fun day! Yes it was cold but that didn't stop us.
Thanks for posting the blog we really enjoy looking at it every night.
Mary, Bob & Nona