Saturday, October 05, 2019


October 5, 2019, Caliente, NV to Kanab, UT, 187 miles.  This morning, we had it all figured out to leave Caliente at 9:00 to be in Modena, UT at 10:00 in plenty of time for the BigBoy steam locomotive arrival at 11:00.   So we were dawdling around in Caliente, until someone mentioned that Modena was in Utah on Mountain time and we were in Caliente on Pacific time.  Holy cow, it is an hour later in Modena, we need to leave NOW!!!  Everything got thrown into the cars and we highballed it for Modena.  We did arrive with time to spare, so it all worked out, but we could have missed the whole darn thing.

Hundreds and hundreds of people showed up in this tiny little semi-ghost town to see the BigBoy.  We heard the whistle long before it appeared on the horizon.  It was impressive.  Click on any picture to make it bigger.

Eight driving wheels, engine was huge.

The train was mobbed when it stopped,,,

After we made our getaway, we had lunch and headed on to Kanab on state route 14, Cedar Canyon.  This canyon is steep and winding, quite a bit of second gear overdrive.   But, the fall leaves and red cliffs were spectacular, photos are completely inadequate to show the fall splendor.

When you start seeing red cliffs, you know you are in Utah Canyonlands.

Mark had a little hitch here, we pulled off to let traffic go by and he vaporlocked briefly.  And so, we all arrived in Kanab.   Tonight there was a gathering of all the folk from our club and we got a great picture.

Dinner was barbecued ribs at the Iron Horse across the street.    With a little country music to aid the digestion,,,,,

Almost got roped into a poker game by these sharks,,,,,

Tomorrow, Cedar Breaks.....

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