Sunday, October 13, 2019


October 11m, 2019, Kanab to Las Vegas, 218 miles.  Tailwind for the first 80 miles, imagine that, the wind gods are smiling on us.  Hopped on Interstate 15 and joined the 75-80 mph traffic heading for Vegas.   Needless to say, we did not do 75, more like 55 to 60 once in a while.  Wasn't too bad, traffic just flowed around us as we did our dash through the desert.

We had intended to visit the Valley of Fire, but got a text saying, it was a 15 mile backup to get in, so we passed.   Later found out some folks saw no backup whatsoever?????   Don't know where the first folks were,,,,,

Anywaym, pressed on to Vegas.    From our motel, we took a hike down to the strip, and walked all the way to the Bellagio for the fountain show.   It was so fascinating, I failed to take a picture.   But,,, got a few other pictures of the crowds on the sidewalks.  

Couldn't resist this one,,,,

When I first came to Vegas in the dark ages, the casinos were widely scattered along the strip, Stardust, Sands, Flamingo, Tropicana, Hacienda, probably 1/4 mile apart with desert in between.  And there was nobody walking on the strip, if you went from one to another, you took your car.  What a difference today!!!!

We did find food, at Holsteins Burgers and Shakes.   Most expensive burger I ever had,,,   $17 for the burger, $9 for the shake, $4 for small fries.    It was a good burger, stood about 4 inches tall, finally dismantled it to actually eat it.  I do remember when the casinos offered really cheap food menus to entice you in,    no more,,,,,

 Weary from our 5 mile hike, off to bed....


Anonymous said...

Safe trip home.
B & M

John & Lizanne said...

Sounds like this was a great time.