Thursday, October 10, 2019


October 9, 2019, local touring, 95 miles.  Today was a free day, no official tour.  Free to wander, our first destination was Coral Pink Sands State Park. 

This little video is better,,,,,

Then Pat decided to slide down the dune,   just filled her pockets and shoes with sand.

These dunes are home to the tiger beetle,  only found here, no other place in the world, and which leaves these funny little tracks,  which we tried to follow to a beetle, to no avail,,,,

After I gave up, Pat spotted one in the parking lot,,,,,

On to the Little Hollywood Movie Museum, which has old movie sets,,,,  one was from Josie Wales.

Bob B. found another wagon master simulator,  and polished his driving skills with the help from Nona!

Visited Pipe Springs National Monument,   no good pictures, and then treasure of treasure, located a Model TT C-cab parked beside the road in Fredonia.   Some work required,  good thing it did not fit into the coupe.....

Dined at Houston's Trails End Restaurant, very long wait to get a table, some folks caught a few winks,,,,,

Predicted high temperature tomorrow, 42 degrees at Bryce Canyon.  Brrrr.....

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Anonymous said...

Is there a law against public sleeping? I think not....