Monday, July 24, 2006

Day 18 - What is that bright light?

Walked out to the parking lot this morning and there was this incredible bright light in the east. Could it be the sun? We haven’t seen the sun or bright blue skies since western CO.

What a morning, the sky is blue, the grass is green, the sun is shining, traffic is light, it’s nice and cool, the road is level and the A’s are humming. Life is good.

TDSCF5559It is only 9:45 am and Bob spies a MacDonalds at the rest stop. Milkshakes are great for breakfast, just frozen milk. We hummed our way to the Canadian border, crossed the Peace Bridge and the customs gal asked us what were we going to leave in Canada? I replied just money and she waved us in.

Drove the Niagara Parkway alongside TDSCF5560the Niagara River from Lake Erie all the way to the Falls, a gorgeous drive. We came off this quiet country drive and plunged into a tourist mecca. We were amazed by the hoards of people and the commercial development that has occurred here since the last time we were here. On the one hand, the falls, as beautiful and loud as they have ever been, and spray you with mist as you walk around. On the other hand, high rise hotels, ticky tacky tourist traps like wax museums, mazes, hard cafe, planet hollywood, miniature golf courses, house of terror, Ripleys believe it or not, etc complete with loud music and sidewalk barkers. The sidewalks were thick with tourists. We checked into the motel and TDSCF5562walked to the Falls. It turned out to be a good bit of walking and John thought he had seen enough but we convinced him to go to the very end. As we headed back to the motel, the blue sky disappeared and the clouds became very dark. We walked as quickly as we could and just made it back before a huge thunder storm hit. The black clouds of MA and NY are obviously following us. The lightning show was spectacular. We sat out in front of our rooms and enjoyed the show while staying dry.

TDSCF5568We did manage to shop a bit because Pat did tell the custom’s lady that she would leave money in Canada. She managed to fulfill her obligation.

All 6 cars regrouped here in Niagara Falls, ON, all running smoothly. Tomorrow we head for Dearborn.

We did hear from Hazletons and Fontaines who left San Jose this morning to meet us in South Dakota. They have had a couple little problems, Bob H has had vapor lock problems (our Bob H?????) and Ray’s AC seems to have quit. They are working on it frantically because Linda has threatened to go home, although the temperature in San Jose today was in the 110 range.


Anonymous said...

Niagara Falls -- slowly I turned.

Woke up at six and made poor Patti and Bob wait for us to re-pack the dried out pickup. Suffering from the fallout of the Thai Phoon Shrimp I ordered at Ruby Tuesday's the night before, we got off to a very slow start at 7:15 AM. The sky was clear and bright, and we almost didn't recognize or remember what the sun looked like. Off we sped on toll highway 90 on a Sunday morning with the luxury of no commuters chewing up our tail, running along upstate New York, through the Finger Lakes, in the lush green, undulating countryside. The CB chatter was at a minimum, when a trucker breaks in on our channel five and advises a fellow trucker to check out the babe in the red Explorer "she's got a red knit skirt on, with NOTHIN' on underneath, good buddy!" I got on the CB to tell Patti that it wasn't me - but I was looking around for that red SUV!

We pulled in to Buffalo around noon, and were surprised by the friendliest toll taker - all smiles, and wishing us a safe trip - she was a breath of fresh air! But perhaps the best part of the day was the scenic drive we took after we crossed the Peace Bridge into Canada. We drove about 15 miles along the Niagara River, with the river on the right, beyond a grassy shoulder, and another wide grassy strip on the left, with a street beyond, fronting the most beautiful homes of every architectural style. Beyond, in the back, an expanse of thick woods. The setting was idyllic.

We chugged into Niagara, grabbed a quick lunch and walked down to the Falls. I won't even describe this part - you have to be here to appreciate the impact.

Then, the dark cloud I spotted off in the distance started to grow big and decidedly ugly. We had been walking about two miles, so by shrewd reasoning, figured we'd better head back. Distant thunder and a smattering of fat raindrops indicated that we might not succeed in returning dry.

But we got lost, and had a hard time finding the America's Best Cheap Deal for Room Nowhere Near the Falls Hotel. Threw the new Walmart tarp on the pickup, poured some drinks, and watched the lightning flash overhead.

John & Judy and the re-organized clan of A's

Rodg said...

That black cloud is following you just like Linus! Hope that it begins to dry out for the rest of the trip.

Niagra had begun to have the boardwalk look when we were last ther in '86.

Hope the falls still have that magic alure to them. Nature is fantastic!

Safe travleing, Rodg & Norene

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that you enjoyed the falls from a distance - no sense trying to set a record going over the falls in a Model A!

ottercreekfarm said...

any more news on your travels?