Saturday, July 08, 2006

How do you spell "anachronism"?

Just got the funniest email from the folks! Apparently Will L. and my parents stopped at a truck stop in Green River, UT waiting for the rest of the A's to catch up and looked up and saw a sign saying "free internet access!" So they thought, "well shoot let's try it." Opened up the rumble seat on the Model A, fired up the laptop, and this is what they looked like. Classic!!!

I wonder what all the truckers thought seeing a sight like this in their truck stop?

Everyone on the trip says thank you so much for all the comments on the blog. They're having a ball reading them all and say there's nothing better after a 12-hour drive than to (eat icecream and) read fun notes from your friends and family. They'll be pushing on to Colorado for the rest of the day.


TubaDad said...


... You carry your $3,000 mountain bike on top of your $500 car.

... You have a business degree and are frying burgers at a McDonald's in Vail.

... You tell your husband to pick up granola on his way home from work and he stops at the day care.

... You own a big dog named Aspen, Buck, Cheyenne or Dakota that wears a bandana.

... You are 82 years old and take up snowboarding.

... Your SUV tire size exceeds your IQ.

... The entire top of your head is bald, but you still have a pony tail.

... North means "mountains to the left;" south is "mountains to the right;" and east and west are where all those damned liberals keep moving in from.

... You consider a three-piece suit to be a pair of shorts, a sweatshirt and Birkenstocks.

... You think gun control is not dropping it.

... Your bridal registry is at REI.

... You can run up 10 flights of stairs without huffing and puffing.

Anonymous said...

Hello to All from Gilroy. Since we have 1 week before we leave to join you we decided to take a look at the map!! Started packing. Glenn was planning to wear Rodger's "Cut Away" for the fashion Seminar Dave & Trudi are doing but Rodger can't find it since he moved. We didn't know they moved. So I may have to change the plan. Going to be hot here today.We are enjoying the Blog.
Glenn & Vicki

Anonymous said...

Hello there.
I'm not sure I envy you guys or not. I know I not looking forward on the long days but I do miss seeing the country view especially Colorado (hope Will taking pictures).
I'm excited and looking forward in enjoying you when Chris and I arrived to MA next Sunday, 16th.

Anonymous said...

Last weekend I saw a lady intently typing away on a notebook, while riding down a country road in a Model A rumble seat.

P.S. for Rod:
One also might be from Colorado if they say "Send more tourist, the bears think they're tasty!" :)

Chris Pelikan
On the Front Range of the Rockies

Anonymous said...

Enjoying the accounts of the progress of the Model A'ers. Good luck to all. Joyce and Fred

Anonymous said...

Good you were able to send out the message. We are all enjoying reading about your travels.

Chuck & Nora said...

Wer'e envious...we're jealous! We wish we were there and we wish you the most fun that you can have with your clothes on...unless. The Original Charlotte has asked how you are doing at least twice since yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Janet said seeing a laptop computer on the rumble seat of a Model A is probably more rare than an automatic flush squatter toilet in China! Keep the news coming. We here are living vicariously through your travels.

Anonymous said...

Hi to All,
We arrived home from Carson City at 3:00pm Saturday. Hotter here than in Nevada. A real cooker from Jackson all the way to S.J. We had to stop in Carson City 'cause our plan was to win some "car-fixin' money." Plan failed. Car still hot-wired. Send money from the front, if you can. Only new problem we developed on way home was what I thought was a wheel bearing going bad. No way was I going to pull over to the side of the freeway in Saturday afternoon traffic in that heat to change a wheel bearing; I took my chances! Got home, it was a loose hubcap, left front. Good Luck to youse guys! Stay Kool! Wish we were still with you, but are "in spirit."
-Bob & Mary B.

Anonymous said...

Hope all is going OK as you make your way along...Ken and Ruth will check in another time for more update news. Keep Cool!!!!

Anonymous said...

From Bob & Mary B.-
Just a couple "statistics" for those who care:
The 1931 Fordor sedan did 822 miles roundtrip S.J. to Austin, Nv.
We bought 56.5 gals cheap gas (ha-ha)at about $3.15/gal.
If calculations correct, we got average of 14.5 mpg. Not great, but going over 9000 ft Sierra summit both ways is tough. The other cars in party were doing a little better on gas mileage. (probably didn't have to do so much "catch-up" at beginning of trip.)Overdrive was a blessing!!!!
Also, Fred W. would be interested; I used 3 ounces of water in the radiator on the whole trip. No leaks, minimum oil drip overnite. Ran strong and no major problem except an ignition short. A loose hubcap made me worry about wheel bearings. Glad to be home, but it's hot here, too.
-Bob B.

Stacey T. said...

That is the best picture ever!! Glad everyone is safe and having a wonderful time!

Anonymous said...

I just looked up the schedule of events at Mansfield. I am getting jazzed up on meeting you all there. I will arrive Monday the 17th on the big aluminum bird.
I have a queston. Are you turning your gas mixture in for better millage on the flat? Bye for now.... DC

Anonymous said...