Monday, July 03, 2006

Latest report from the advance scouts

Received the following email from Dave and Susan:

"Well, it is now Monday night and we are "safely" in Craig, CO. The horses continue to run well, although again not without incidents. Ted's muffler got louder and louder yesterday as the weld continued to fail. The baling wire held though so we didn't drag it across the desert. Ted lost the cap to his coolant recovery tank, so radiator fluid was misting onto his firewall and window much of the day. He tried to fix it with Duck Tape. (See day 3 below.) Temperatures remained in the low 90s and the A/C received much work.

The scenic highlight was a trip to the largest manmade pit in the world outside Salt Lake City. This copper mine is 3/4 miles deep and well over a mile wide. Worth the trip when you have the time. We spent the night in Heber City, UT, which is a nice mountain community. Today was Ted's day. The Duck Tape was not holding, so Ted put on more. He decided he needed to repair his muffler. Five shops later, he found somebody who agreed to weld it. Along the way, he experienced one shop whose owner announced "I am NOT going to work on any #$%^ Model A today". Nice guy. Oh, and that guy walked out and pointed out to Ted that he had a flat tire! So after about 2 hours of finding welders, etc he had to take the tire to a repair shop to be repaired--another 1.5 hr wait.

We left Heber City, UT a little after noon with 250 miles still ahead of us. By then, we had finished lunch and had ice cream, so all was not lost. In Vernal, UT we stopped at a Dinosaur Museum, only to find it closed. Decided to have Ice Cream since we could not get educated. At that point, Dave told Ted he had been thinking about his problem with the overflow leaking. Upon opening the hood, Dave pointed out that Ted had not opened a vent in his Tank. Thus the Radiator was really pressurizing this tank, blowing the lid off and opening the Duck Tape "lid". A quick job with his knife has cured Ted's leak and we even cleaned his firewall tonight. The drive was nice today, although often only desert. We did see many deer and antelope late in the day. When we arrived at our Motel, we found it had changed hands and they were NOT expecting us. However, they had rooms and we have a place to sleep. Had a great dinner tonight, Dave & Susan shared a 30 oz Porterhouse Steak that was to die for. We had a few sprinkles today and temperatures still in the 90s. Forecast is for T'storms tomorrow, but we will see. We go up and over Rocky Mountain National Park on Trail Ridge Road, if it isn't snowing. Sorry, but no pictures tonight. We will try and send one tomorrow." ~Dave & Susan

Well obviously our advance scouts can sniff out ice cream anywhere. In the meantime back at the ranch, new air conditioners arrived and we are working on installing one in John's truck and Bill's sedan. Just to pass the time until our group's departure on Thursday.


Bob M. said...

Please continue to scout out all the ice cream parlors for our main party which will be following you shortly.

Anonymous said...

Derek & Judy Thomason. Nelson, NZ.Go you good things, wish we were there. Dave check the wiring ?? Reno meet 98??

Anonymous said...

Well, at least the welder was nice enough to point out your flat tire. Keep blazing the trail!
-Bob B.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys the main wagon train will be leaving on Thursday. Be sure to drop bread crumbs. Do you need any supplies?

M3 said...

Did I read that correctly? A
30 oz porterhouse steak?!!! Wow. Yum.

Anonymous said...

Hi Scouts,

We're enjoying the updates. Glad
the problems haven't slowed you
down too much. Enjoy the scenery
(and the ice cream)!