Friday, July 07, 2006

They're ok, no need to send out a search party

M here again. I just talked to the folks on cell phone and got the scoop. They said sorry for the lack of update last night but no one could get on the computer or call out because they were on the side of a mountain. They don't have standard cell service there, so they had to use the Roaming service to call me this morning. Yikes, there goes my kiddo's college fund. Haha!

Six cars left on the trip yesterday morning at 5:30am and they all arrived in Austin Nevada at 5:30 last night. Whew! Today (Friday) it's on to Utah. You can follow along with their route map to the right.

Bob B had some electrical problems but he wasn't fazed at all. He just hotwired the car and then never turned it off.

Mom (Pat) says they have the biggest Mormon crickets here that she has ever seen.

The cars are all running fine, the passengers are happy, the countryside is beautiful but desolate, and (of course) they had homemade pie and icecream for lunch yesterday.

More later -- if they see a Starbucks they claim they'll screech to a halt and plug in to their public internet service for a more detailed update.


Anonymous said...

Where's that Model A Swat Team when you need them? Wow, twelve hours! That's a loooong day. Good luck on finding a Starbucks.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear that all is OK. Thanks for reporting to us MMM.Hope to get another update tonight. Luck to all.

Anonymous said...

Whew!! We were begining to is pretty much all sagebrush and tumbleweeds in that rugged territory! We were invisioning the Model A's in a circle with Injuns surrounding you!! Thanks for sending up a smoke signal to MM :) Send word if you need supplies or help making it through the Denver plains. If we don't see any smoke signals requesting reinforcements we will meet up with the "A" train in Nebraska.
Happy Trails, Chris and Sharon

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update - glad to know all made it to Austin, NV. with few or no problems. Rugged country out there!
Carol Stewart (Don's wife & Jack's friend).

Ken Guzzetta said...

Woohoo! Talked to My folks today at about 3:00pm and they were just outside Delta, UT They were naked in the woods I think is how they put it last night. No technology to help them...gee that is my idea of the best vacation ever!!!

Kryssie and Chad said...

Wow - I almost forgot how much fun traveling in a Model A can be. I am remembering the first "long" trip when I drove the Model A to Pleasanton, and can only imagine what you will experience on this cross country adventure!

Reading all of the entries and comments has brought so many warm memories back from the SCVC gang - this truly will be a trip to remember. And it's so nice that computer technology has progressed so far - I remember the email reports from a trip not that long ago. Of course, there is something just not quite right about blogging a trip on a computer that you are taking in a Model A!

We just drove in from Boise, ID at 4am this morning. That 10 hour trip straight in a brand new modern car was enough to make me swear off long trips for at least 6 months. Wonder how you'll feel about jumping in the Model A for a quick tour when you get back . . .

Sorry to take up so much space - I was really inspired after reading these entries. So glad that my Dad sent me the link.

Drive on!

Anonymous said...

July 8th, day three...
Woke up at 5 AM, being anxious to get on the road. The Super 8 in Salina had a shower that looked like it wouldn't eat me. Wonderful to shower, shave, brush teeth, etc without having to worry about catastrophes. We had a quick continental breakfast, filled up the gas tanks, and were on the road by 6:30... mainly. Jack C’s points had closed up, and Bob fixed ‘em... then left. Rolling along Hwy 70 in the new dawn, I looked down at my speedometer. It sat idly at 0. Well, it WAS bouncing a little the day before, and the Mexican part of me said “you gotta do something about that”. I thought the speedo cable made a big noise before it died? This one just maybe whimpered some. And you can’t hear that stuff, anyway over the wind roaring. So I have no idea how far we actually traveled today. One thing I do know is that we drove another 12 hour + day today.
So, we’re driving through some of the prettiest country in Utah with the red mesas and the weird rock formations, when I start feeling a real tug to the left in the steering. “Wind blowing the old car around”, I think. So I’m adjusting for the wind, but it’s getting real difficult to ignore this hard pull to the left. Bill R is following, so I get him on the CB... ”Bill, pull around and check my tires”. Left front tire is going soft on me. We pull off and select one of the two spare tires to mount, but after about ten yards, that tire’s wobbling so much, I can’t keep it on the road…oh yeah, that’s the one I stuck on there just for show. The good spare’s mounted on the right side…another quick change, and we’re back on the road.
Everyone else is running well... We pulled one steep climb to Vail, CO where there appeared to be no end in sight. The local State Trooper was real mad when he saw the yellow truck huffing up the break-down lane, and yelled at Jack C to get that fool back on the road. Jack wisely professed ignorance of any acquaintance. Will's car continues to run strong, and Bill R’s car is smooth on the hills. Bob and Pat's Coupe is a rock... and apparently is wireless at truck stops.
None of us are having much luck with our wireless connections tonight, again, so reports from the front may be spotty... Frisco is just outside of Breckenridge, Colorado. It's pouring rain and has been cloudy all day since crossing the Colorado border.
Hopefully, tomorrow, we'll hit some warmer, drier, climate after crossing the Rockies...

Anonymous said...

Penny Farthing Riders and Drivers in Oamaru New Zealand saying hi to Jack C, Good luck, happy travelling. Stay fit, see you down under in NZ in November. Wendy and Gordon