Saturday, July 08, 2006

A few Colorado pictures - day 3. (Only day 3???)

When we left Salina, we got all spread out through the Utah Canyonlands, lots of up and down and short climbs.

Pat and I stopped at a viewpoint to wait for the 3 cars that we knew were behind us. When nobody came along, we talked to a trucker on the CB and he said there was an old car stopped back about 20 miles that lost a wheel. Thank heavens for cell phones, we were just barely able to raise Judy G on the cell and found that it was just a flat tire. Total lost time was only about a half an hour. Course the first spare that John put on was also leaking, so John put on his second spare, (Murphy’s law: if it is possible to change a tire twice, you will have to change a tire twice).

Seems like we have been gone for weeks. Anyway, here are a few pictures of our day, it was a little damp for a while, (washed the bug juice off the radiator) and it was a little steep for awhile (second gear up to Vail Pass for everybody but Will, I think we are going to study his engine when we get back) but boy did we fly down the other side to Frisco, CO.

Little parking lot maintenance required, Jack’s points keep closing up, so we keep resetting them.

In case you are wondering, the advance scouting party has dispersed, they are out there in the heartland somewhere visiting friends and family, we will see them in a couple days in Illinois.

PS: In the rain picture, if you look real close you can see Jack and Don with no side curtains. *grin* (Click any picture to see a larger version)


Stacey T. said...

Love the pictures....I did notice, though, in the rain picture that you aren't really "on" the road. Have you guys been drinking, OR, do you have to drive across country in the bike lane?

Anonymous said...

Looks as if you got a little bit of every type of weather yesterday. Keep on truckin' or should I say Model A'in.

Anonymous said...

Well, all in all thing's seem to be moving right along. kinda figured on a little rain. Geez, Jack did we put rainX on your list of thing's to bring? Sounds like that points cam might just need a shot of lube. I know your in good hands always good to hear you got ppl watching out for you. Just curious, what kinda cruzin speed are those cars out in front hitting? Well looking forward to any new pics or comments. Keep the faith boys! Bob S.

Anonymous said...

Opps, I ended my last comment with, Keep the faith boys! When it should have been Keep the faith people... (not wanting to leave anyone out) My bad... hehe

Anonymous said...

You guys turned into night owls. Posted at 10:29PM I'm impressed.Great pictures. Thanks for the update. Glad that everyones car is doing OK,Miss you.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad everyones doing okay. That's good that you are having different types of weather along the way. Great pictures.
Keep movin'(putt putt) along; just think you are about half way there.

Ken Guzzetta said...

Well the trip isn't complete without someone getting a flat ;-)

Glad to hear everything else is going far. (Knock on wood)

Heard the other day that Colorado was the only cool spot in the US, so you guys must have taken the mild weather with you...It's hot here in the Bay Area!

M3 said...

Hey guys, hope the rest of your day went well. Sorry about the call from the Urgent Care clinic, heehee. Wanted to make sure you didn't get bored out there on your coast to coast drive...

Anonymous said...

How hot is it or do you care NOT care since you have AIR!

Anonymous said...


Bob & Mary B said...

Hi Guys,
It's great to hear your travels. I am a little glad we came home before the rain hit! We sure had a great time, but now that we are home Bob has to find the electrical problem. He did clean the dirt and bugs off the car today and changed the oil, etc. It is just too hot for him to do much else. It will be cooler tomorrow, so maybe. . . .
John, do you have more room in the pickup now that you had to change tires? I was surprised to see them in the back, but now I understand why! Jack & Don are you dried out yet and how many Morman crickets hitched a ride with you? Is Bill still getting such great gas mileage?
Bob found the spam I stole out of the trunk and NO I am not cooking it tonight! He will eat it cold on sandwiches soon, maybe when you return he can supply lunch, Patti!!
Good luck on the rest of the trip.
Mary B

Anonymous said...

my lady freinds sister is in town

and my son may be from kentucky

hpe to get to the reunion

crazy crazy

Anonymous said...

UPDATE from the "Scouts"

Weather is pleasent and clear in Bloomington. Forcast is for t-storms, but not till you arrive. (Is there a message here?)

Kafers arrive tomorrow and then we are off to Springfield to see the Lincoln Presidential Library Tuesday.

BBQ is still planned for Wednesday. Keep safe. Susan & Dave J.

M3 said...

Just had to come back and leave another comment to say I love reading everyone's updates here!

Anonymous said...

Day 4, July 9, 2006
We left Frisco this morning around 6:30AM, but not before Patti noticed that our rear tire was going a little flat. Seems like when we were crawling up the Vail grade yesterday in the emergency lane, we picked up a screw the size of a railroad spike... not really, but it was enough to deflate our hopes for a clean get-away. Yet another quick tire change, and we were once again on the road with a wobbly wheel and some 330 miles to go.

As we climbed the Pass to the Eisenhower Tunnel, I started to think that the Vail climb yesterday wasn’t so bad after all. We huffed and we puffed up that highway in the fog and the rain, and it took so long to get to the top that we forgot why we were there. Yes, lots of rain today, all the way into Denver and on to Nebraska. Since Chris and Sharon P offered to bring any spare parts the pilgrims might need, we put in a call for a 21" tire tube, since we were running a little low in the serviceable tire department. Poor Chris and Sharon spent hours and miles tracking down the tube, before hooking up with us way out of Denver on the way to NE... true friends.

The last hundred miles through the farmlands of Nebraska were dry, and we had the first real enjoyable ride in days. The corn is about waist-high now, and gas prices range between $2.85 to $3.05 out here. Every third driver coming in your direction is guaranteed to wave at you, and people don’t seem afraid to smile. Bill R is right in his element with all this farm stuff back here, and he stopped to talk shop with a few of the locals. There was a big Deere distributor in Holyoke where we stopped for lunch, so we lost him for a few hours on the road when he peeled out of line to look at the big machines on the lot.

Bob and Pat's Coupe continues to run like a new car. Jack C and Don run on a different time zone, but they get there like clockwork, and are having a great time. We chug along in the old reliable (so far) pickup... oh yes, fixed the speedometer this afternoon, so we aren't running without a clue anymore. Drove around 325 miles in about 9 hours.
McCook, Nebraska 9:30 PM

Anonymous said...

Give Jack the word that Alex is following his travels. I am now in Vail under beautiful weather conditions(85 degrees and sunny).
It was quite different for the group, chugging up the hill in a rainstorm, and Jack without any side curtains. Keep on enjoying the "Fantastic Journey".