Friday, July 21, 2006

Days 14 & 15: Scenes from the convention

No time to write, much fun to be had. Here are some pictures from the convention (some are my pics, some are from John & Judy - thanks guys!). Enjoy!

Welcome to the convention Guess who's arriving at the convention! TDSCF5519 TDSCF5520 TDSCF5515 TDSCF5517 TDSCF5512 A prize-winning outfit! Oooo, good rusty stuff! This picture cracked me up! TDSCF5502 Al Capone's private car Planes, trains, and automobiles TDSCF5523 TDSCF5522 Hm, has anyone ever seen Bob do this before?

Note about images: The pics are small in case anyone's on dial-up. Just click any picture to see a bigger version then hit the back button to come back to this page. Or, if you'd rather view all at once, just click any picture and then you'll see a little "photostream" box on the right where you can choose "view as slideshow."


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the great pictures!! I was beginning to think you took a wrong turn and missed the convention?! Glad you are all having a great time!! I see Bob is napping now in hopes that he can make it through the banquet?! Chris and Sharon P.

Rodg said...

Great photo selection. It's so green we can almost see the humidity! Looks like the Boston Model A'ers are showing everyone a good time.

Rodg & Norene

TubaDad said...

Did Vicki win that nice silver cup she's holding in the era clothing competition?

Anonymous said...

Good morning gang,
I know why you spent extra days at Marlaynas, it's the great cooking!! So happy about Vicki winning best of show, well deserved!! Have so enjoyed the daily messages and pictures. You are not alone on the heat, we are getting our share here.

Mary J.

Bob - I think they captured you perfectly in the pictures; reaching for your wallet at the parts trailer, and holding up our reputation with the nap! We're looking forward to your adventure on the way home. Mary exagerated a little on the heat here, it hasn't even hit 100 here yet(only in the east and south bay).
Al J.

Anonymous said...

We really enjoy reading this blog and the pictures are so much fun. We read it daily. We hope your trip back is as much fun as the trip out. Your an inspiration.

Anonymous said...

I knew Tippy was a smart dog but didn't know about her computing skills. I think she misses you.
Enjoy your last day in Mass before you head out tomorrow. Keep the good news/pictures coming. They are so much fun to see.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for putting in some of our picts too! And A BIG THANK YOU goes to Mary Mia!!! (Pat & Bob's daughter). She is the just a sweet heart for doing all the work behind the work!!! Sometimes we can't send or connect for some reason, we'll send them to her and she'll post them for us.
Thank You Mary Mia!!!
It's been a life saver....
John & Judy Mansfield Meet 2006

Anonymous said...

Hay Bob--In the picture of you resting--Was it the gal on your right that made you so worn out??What did patti say??

Anonymous said...

In the "Elderly Crossing"picture I did not see "Big Al"??Have a safe trip home--

Anonymous said...

the photo of bob m "resting" on

the grass !!!!

he did that many times, when he

went to good "ole" wash high

sorry bob m the devil made me

say that!! ???