Monday, June 17, 2013


214 miles today, nice and cool heading out which is a good thing because it is a long climb out of Kanab at 4000 ft up to the Kaibab Plateau at 8800 feet.  Big vistas, is the canyon out there somewhere?TDSC05097 Anyway, here’s what we do on the long drive to the north rim, way up there in the alpine meadow at 8800 feet.

Jorgensens went topless today, probably gained a little speed on the hills. For sure had a better view of the scenery.TDSC05135 

SCVC gang at the canyon way out on a viewpoint.TDSC05116

The canyon does inspire folks to just gaze at the view.TDSC05118


And be silly way out on that point, can you make out who it is?  The ones with their arms in the air. Click on this one to make it big.TDSC05126   

In case you are wondering about the view from way out there,,,,,,

On the way back, we stopped at a full service gas station, holy moley, just like old times, almost looks like the Texaco man.TDSC05136

And look what we saw on the way out of the park,,,,TDSC05138 

The babies were very cute, but the mamas were fearsome.  Stopped at a viewpoint for the men to stretch their legs, the women did a little shopping.  There were 3 Indian ladies selling jewelry.  TDSC05139

  Had a BBQ dinner tonight and then you can guess what we did after that.TDSC05146

We did see Eldertons today just before they headed east on their month long junket.   Rumor has it (from Nora) that Chuck actually took it S L O W on the climb up to North Rim yesterday in the heat of the day.  Even Charlotte can be slowed down by 6% grades and 90 plus temperatures.  Only time Charlotte has been seen going slow, period.  Today was tire day, flats for Polland and Jorgensen, no obvious reason, just went flat.


Unknown said...

Neat country

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't be a tour without ice cream. Keep on having a safe trip. A & L

Anonymous said...

Great to hear that all the cars are doing OK....Great pictures...