Saturday, June 22, 2013

THE KANAB ADVENTURE – Day 10 – the end

Jamestown, CA to Home, 134 miles.  Got up early even though it was a short driving day, just had to get a couple pictures of our hotel.  It is a nice old refurbished structure in the historic section of Jamestown.TDSC05290TDSC05291TDSC05287

This was our latest departure.  Started out the driveway at 9:00, late for us but we did not want to get into rush hour traffic in the Bay area.  Just as we were pulling out, George Fontaine came by in his Model A speedster.  This required a shutdown and detailed inspection, as it is quite a nice work of art.TDSC05298 TDSC05295 

From Jamestown, we pounded the highway, running 55 to 60 mph most of the time.  I know traffic is increasing in CA. Even in the middle of the day, the freeways that we have to unavoidably get on are packed and folks are going like hell.  We did take old Altamont and circle Livermore on Tesla and Concannon, but we had to do a stretch on 205 and of course on 680 and 237.  But, we had a nice leisurely lunch break at Garre Winery in Livermore, and almost all the folks are now safe at home.  The two motor homes are still on the road and “Charlotte”  the yellow phaeton when last heard from was in KS heading for MO and going strong.

Here are some statistics from our trip.  My odometer says we traveled 2248 miles.   We had 21 fuel stops. Most expensive gas was in Yosemite at $4.41.  Least expensive gas was in Mesquite, NV at $3.51.  The little black coupe got 18.7 mpg overall.   We had to add 2 quarts of oil, I think most of it is on the bottom mixed with dust, did not have to add any water, overflow bottle worked like a charm.  It is pretty dirty, got a good cleaning job ahead.  Dust and oil is such a great combination. 

And here are some interesting blog statistics:  This blog had over 1000 hits last week, most from the USA and from the Santa Clara Model A Club link, but a large interest from France (69) of all places.  We also had multiple hits from Indonesia(25), Russia(17), Polland(12), Germany(11), UK(6), Japan(4), Italy(3) and Turkey(3).  Isn’t that funny?

So,,,,,,,    goodnight Mrs. Calabash, where ever you are.  Next trip will be in September.


Rodg and Norene said...

Welcome home gang. Great reporting, looks like we missed a good one, but will be with you in September. Till then we'll be with you on the local tours.

M3 said...

Good trip!
Like the statistics.

Unknown said...

Nice traveling with you all, even if it was vicariously. So welcome home and maybe the little truck will be back in commission for the next looong trip...
John and Judy

Anonymous said...

Welcome home!!!! I loved reading your updates daily!!! One of these days, Bill and I will join you all on one of these super trips!!!
Liz Cilker