Sunday, June 16, 2013


248 miles, how in the world did we rack up that many miles just going up to Bryce?  Hmmm,  well, to the entrance it was 83, and then 30 plus inside the park and then a 40 plus mile loop to Kodachrome Basin, then 83 back, that’s 236 plus, it was easy.

What a drive today.  Nice and cool, beautiful scenery, look at those clouds,,,,  (click on any picture for a larger version.)TDSC04987

There it is, the arch on the flyer,,,,TDSC04994

At the entrance to Bryce Nat’l Park, we met Kirby Martin, Model A owner, moving parts service.  “I’ve got lots of Model A parts, you just call me and I’ll deliver them on my motorcycle.TDSC04996

The vistas at Bryce are awesome, you cannot take a picture that does them justice.  But, here is a little video that pans the view.  Just ignore what the giggling ladies are saying.

One of the viewpoints, studying the arch.TDSC05007

Rock person on the point,,,,,TDSC05013

Down at Kodachrome Basin, a little hike was in order, but there was restlessness in the ranks, so these ladies decided to hold down the fort while we hiked.TDSC05027

Good rocks to climb on, and look down at the earthlings.TDSC05029 

These guys always find trouble, found an obelisk in danger of falling over but we righted it before any damage was done.TDSC05036

Here is what we did before dinner, ah, the fruit of the vine.TDSC05042

Almost everyone showed up for the Saturday night buffet at the Parry Lodge…. click and make it big…TDSC05047

Now, you know Model A’s attract one another, and sure enough, a gentleman brought his truck down to show and tell.     Pat was quite taken with the truck. “Look!!!! That’s a 1931 wide bed closed cab pickup, can you believe it?????TIMG_2704

  And with that we closed out the day, but here is a little picture that we could not resist, has Kelly moved to Utah???TDSC05040

Oh yeah, and quote of the day from John Polland. “Don’t jump in the pool with your hearing aids on.”      ????


Anonymous said...

Let's hope no one needs to use the services of the traveling Model A parts guy. Hope everyone had a Happy Father's Day........A & L

Anonymous said...

great photos, bob, pat, etc and i'm

jealous, think i'll have a pc. of pi.

jim in pa