Monday, July 06, 2015


Finally our departure date arrived for the National Model T Tour in Cochrane, Alberta, Canada.  The group (Bratts, Fontaines, Meneelys, and Harrisons) met in Pleasanton, and after a little confusion about which way to point the vehicles, we hit the road.
You know what 680 does to tiedown straps.   The coupe would like to just dance right off the trailer.
But we survived the rough roads and traffic in the bay area and ,,,,,,,   finally,,,,,   got out into the countryside on two lane roads where we belong.
Took 299 to Alturas, made a little stop to peer down at the Pit River Canyon,,,,,,
Come on,,,, let’s walk down there and have a closer look at the falls and that cute little bridge.  No takers,,,,,,,      
And then,  what in the world is that?    It is rain, all you have to do is cross the Oregon border and there it is.
But, even in Oregon, they are short of water,  20 mile long Goose Lake is bone dry, just looks like a giant cattle pasture.  Been that way for 3 years, they say.
Overnighting in Lakeview, OR.  Wildmans caught up to us in their motorhome here just in time for dinner.  And here is the end to a good day on good old uncrowded two lane roads.  By the by, Glenn and Vicki hit the mother of all potholes and cracked the passenger side windshield.   Big piece of glass to be replaced.
Patti’s funny signs for the day:
“You can hold it a little longer”
“What happens in Corning stays in Corning.”
“Welcome  to Jefferson, the 51st state.”
“Buy a house, become earthbound.”    ????


Catherine said...

Another wonderful journey has begun! Looking forward to following along.

Anonymous said...

Off to a fun start. Hope Dave & Becky's car stays on the trailer! ;) Wish we were traveling with you. Fun times!
Mary B

janet and rich said...

Have a great time. We are back in Las Vegas. Will start home tomorrow leaving hotel at 3 am. Don't know if we can make it all the way home but that's the goal.