Friday, July 17, 2015


Guess what it did today, it rained all day. The tour today was to Water Valley (serendipity, don’t you think?)  Harrisons toured in the waterproof coupe, Bratts, Fontaines, Wildmans, Archers toured in modern iron.   I watched it rain.  Finally began to clear about 4.  Knock on the door, Bill, Ray and Glenn.  “Give us the keys to your trailer, we are going to load your car.”  They knew that my winch had kicked the bucket. We went down, pulled the side curtains, put the top down, yanked the windshield off, and manhandled it into the trailer.  That was the fastest loading that little pickyup has ever had.  Many thanks to the guys. Who needs a winch?

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janet and rich said...

Starting home today? Have a safe trip.