Friday, July 17, 2015


192 mile loop tour through the Kananaskis,  at least that was the intent.  Day dawned really cold, heavy overcast, winds gusting to 70km according to the TV.  Not mentioning anything about rain though.   Not letting a little thing like that deter us we put on every piece of clothing that we had, we can do this.


Even taped the corners of the side curtains, no popping loose today.


Out in the parking lot, T’s a little reluctant.  Harrisons gave Ed a tow, or two or three, finally got the racer going.


Time to leave, beginning to doubt the weather forecast, starting to rain, figured it was a shower and we would pull out of it in a few miles.  Now raining real good.


This began to take a toll.  Wildmans elected to take a modern, Archers turned back after 2 mile, Bratts turned back after 10 miles, Fontaines and us turned back after 20 miles, just too wet and risky, and water finding its way in everywhere, Patti put her umbrella up to protect her legs.   Harrisons elected to continue and kudos to them they completed the tour, must say they were a little more protected in the coupe.  Fortunately, it did not rain the entire journey, they did see mountain goats and even snow along side the road.

Unfortunately, I am coming down with a severe cold so am going to lay low for the rest of the trip.  May or may not blog, we’ll see.


Anonymous said...

Oh NO! Not a cold Bob, so sorry. Stay warm and good luck! Glad you turned back, that looked very dangerous especially when you don't know the roads. Get better, Patti find a good book.
Mary & Bob

janet and rich said...

There are just times when all the determination and layers of clothing aren't enough to persevere. Glad you turned back and went someplace warm. Bummer that Bob is getting a cold. Rich promptly got another sinus infection after we got home last week. Stay dry. Hopefully the sun will come out today.


Rodg and Norene said...

I think it's time for a hot toddy in front of a warm fire. In July, yikes! Even Lewis and Clark had to throw out the anchor a time or two⚓️

Unknown said...

Smart move, turn back! Weather looks horrendous up the there! Nice and warm here in Calif. tell ya what, you bring home some of that wet stuff and we'll save you some heat. 😀