Wednesday, July 08, 2015


McCall, ID to Kalispell, MT, 365 miles.  Have to start off with this picture, Ray and a friend he bearly knows.  Click to get large pic.
Did a lot of canyon driving as we went up the Clearwater and Lochsa River canyons.
Only stopped once for construction.
Guess what, we went over Lolo Pass, just keeping up with the several Model A folks who were long distance touring and also went over Lolo Pass just a few weeks ago. And now we are in Montana.
tn_DSC08379 tn_DSC08380
These are unique to Montana, animal crossovers.
And got snagged at the Miracle of America Museum.  Even though we were there 5 years ago, it was a treat. 
Pat’s signs that tickled her funnybone:
Lowell, pop 29 23
Animal Bridge  (see picture above)
Cell phone pull-out.   (Come on, who is going to use those??)
And just lots of scenery.    Tomorrow,,,,,,   Canada.


Anonymous said...

I remember seeing the sign in Lowell! Pretty river through there.
Be safe. Mary B

Anonymous said...

Great scenery! We are enjoying your trip. It sure is easier from my armchair!
Bob & Mary B.

Unknown said...

Nice and green up there, and water in the rivers.

Rodg and Norene said...

Did Ray buy the hauler? Enjoyed the drive today.

troed said...

Looks like Fun, I hope every one has a good time, and look out for the snakes.

Anonymous said...

Noreen and I hope ever one has a fun time, she so wanted to go with you guys, but I have to work.

Anonymous said...

Finally able to get your blog ..Great pics Stay safe