Monday, July 13, 2015


Okotoks to Calgary to Cochrane, AB, a bunch of miles on trains, planes, and automobiles.        Whew, whirlwind.  Calgary Stampede, here we come. 
Grounds are huge, almost downtown, look at the buildings, in the background, not bad for a cow town.
We waded past the carnival parts and found the ag buildings.  Eat Alberta beef!!tn_DSC08440
Pat loves the draft horses, good thing the trailer is small.tn_DSC08450
Almost front row for the chuck wagon races.tn_DSC08470
Chuck wagon races are crazy. Check out the videos.
Madhouse when the show was over. Can you spot David in this picture?  tn_DSC08502
We survived two days at the Stampede and then headed for Cochrane, Alberta.    But,,,,,,,,  we had to stop at Heritage Park in Calgary, even though it was dripping rain.  And guess what we found to look at,,,,,   They have a new building called Gasoline Alley.tn_DSC08512
And now,,,, we have arrived at Cochrane,   this must be the place, lot of Model T’s out there.   tn_DSC08532
Guess what we had for the welcome BBQ?    ALBERTA BEEF by the local Lions Club and entertainment by some local talent..  Remember this girls name, Katie Jo Kirk,  could be the next Sheryl Crow.tn_DSC08538
That is just the tip of all the stuff we have been doing, and tomorrow, make that this morning, we are off to Banff.


Rodg and Norene said...

Great fun, look forward to your next report. Have you put together a Chuck Wagon Team for next year?

Anonymous said...

Yee Haw!!! Looks like fun. And even a "Horse Whisperer" in the bunch!
-Bob & Mary B.

Jane said...

Have really been enjoying all your photos & reports from your trip!! What a great trip. We need to go there sometime. Love, Jane & Bob