Sunday, July 19, 2015


Missoula, MT to Twin Falls, ID, 380 miles on the scenic route.  We bid the Archers goodbye as they took Route 12 west and we took route 93 south.


Down the Bitterroot Valley, lots of log home manufacturers, and up to the Idaho border at Lost Trail Pass, 7000 feet. 


Cruised the Salmon River canyon, beautiful scenic route.


Passed rockslide after rockslide after rockslide, all different colors.  Curiosity finally got the best of me and had to stop and get a rock.   This is so I don’t gather too much speed on the uphill climbs.  Interesting, the rocks are actually grey underneath and look like they have been dipped in a brown dye,  try figuring that one out.


At a scenic pullout in the Sawtooth Valley, the ladies took a hike up the road to stretch their legs.  Here is some trivia, Chinook and Sockeye Salmon return to the headwaters of the Salmon River in the Sawtooth Valley to spawn, a distance of 900 miles from the ocean.


While the ladies hiked, David did a classical duct tape repair, one strip holds the fender on all day.


Stopped in Ketcham/Sun Valley to eyeball the ski slopes, and found this little out of the way memorial to Ernest Hemingway.


Heading for Twin Falls, we came to the conclusion that the wind can blow pretty hard here.  Can you see why we came to that conclusion????


Our hotel is on the edge of the Snake River Canyon in Twin Falls.  Rather spectacular….


Hard to top all the scenery we took in today.         


Rodg and Norene said...

A great day of travel for sure 😎

Anonymous said...

Travel safe! Getting closer and the weather looks better except for the wind. We are very humid and hot here. A lot like the Midwest! Mary & Bob

Anonymous said...

The Snake River Canyon view could easily make you want to stay another day there and dangle your feet in the water. Nora

Jane said...

Wonderful photos & write-up again! Thanks for keeping us in the loop with your adventure!!