Sunday, June 24, 2018

A Convention in Reno - Day 2

June 24, 2018.  68 miles.  First thing today, hit the convention registration desk along with a thousand other people.   We are now properly badged and ticketed.    And then, off on a self guided tour to Virginia City, forecast hot today, higher elevations looking more attractive.  The road from Reno to Virginia City is one long steep climbing goat trail, but the A did us proud, no overheat, high gear mostly.  tremendous views,,,,

Virginia City clings to the side of the mountain,,,  they claim a 100 mile view.

Parked on a lower street and engineer Bob had to evaluate this retaining wall, obviously low bid,,,

Pat found a friendly burro complete with characters.....

Had a great lunch at a funky little café with a guitar player....

Lookit the popcorn peanut machine!!!!!   Kind of like the one in the History San Jose Restoration Shop right now.

And in the fire museum,,,

Characters everywhere,,    Big Iron on His Hip!!!!

Saw this on our travels today,  all the freeway overpasses have some sort of iron decoration like this, really neat.

Tonight was the welcome party,  did a real good job feeding this 1000 or so people.    More of our club members keep coming out of the woodwork, count now is 73.  

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