Thursday, June 07, 2018

Model T Ford National Tour - Day 5

June 7, 2018  The Redwood Coast Tour.   Another blue sky day, heavy dew again, but today, Ray's car started all by itself and it was David's car that was really reluctant.  Click on any picture for a LARGER version.

We were beset with a whole new crop of lizards, on the seat, on the floor, in my gloves,,,,,

Headed for the coast, one of the byways was the Bohemian Hwy,  two four foot lanes with a double yellow line,,,

Bakery stop and bear attack at Duncan's Mills.

Up the coast Hwy to Ft Ross,,,,

Explored the historical Russian Fort,,,,

First windmill in the U.S., built by Russians...…

Lunch with a view in a c-o-l-d  w-i-n-d,,,,,,,

And back to the barn via one antique store.   Heard that David and Barbara both came in on the trouble trailers.   David having particles in the fuel problems, don't know about Barbara.  106 miles today...….

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Catherine said...

Such a beautiful tour!! Love the pic of the cars with the ocean behind and you sitting on the wheel cover with the ocean behind. So pretty!

Glad you're having such a great trip!