Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Model T National Tour - Day 4

June 6, 2018:  Old California Tour.  Started the morning off right, folks getting out there and getting their exercise.  Ray's car just hates these chilly mornings, it is fine all day, but that first start in the morning seems to require a little extra push,,,,,,,

Can you tell who belongs to those rear views?  Also, we lashed down Grovers broken top and got him back on the road to join us for the day.

Our tour today took us to Sonoma to tour the square, the mission and the barracks and the shops.  And then we moved on to Jack London State Park.   Very laid back day,,,,,,

Did a lot of walking and reading and looking and must confess, was really remiss about taking pictures. But, here is some trivia, we passed through Kenwood without ever seeing it, this town was the home of the World Pillow Fight Championship for 50 years.

One highlight was a sidetrip to the Sebastiani winery to take in the barrel carvings.   There are some several hundred carved barrels.

And look at this one, 59666 gallons, one of only two in the world that size.

This evening, maintenance continues out on the lawn, our cars all going good.  Troed has a weepy freeze plug, and is fashioning a new one out of a nickel.   We will let you know how that works out,

Winding up with a funny story, at lunch yesterday, Ray ordered a portobello burger.  When it came, he said, "where is the meet?"   The waitress got a funny look and said, "it is a portobello burger."   I congratulated Ray on becoming a vegetarian.       

65 miles today.  Tomorrow, back to the coast, break out the jackets again. 

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Unknown said...

Cars are going along fine, hopefully no troubles for you guys, and looks like you’re seeing a lot of Calif! Lookin forward to seeing you all in Sparks.
J and J