Thursday, June 28, 2018

A Convention in Reno - Day 6

June 28, 2018.  I don't know how many miles.   Today was Grand Tour Day, that got the Model A's out on the road.   The routing took us through a lot of scenic areas in around Reno and Carson City and the mountains.   We followed this coupe for a while before we realized the person in the middle was not a person but a poodle!!!   Click on this picture for a close up view....

This is the landmark for the bus station, either that or a runaway bus ran up this pole.

And the famous Reno Arch,,,,

Our traveling group arrived at the Bowers Mansion and set up 63 tables and 500 chairs on the lawn,  whew!!

We had to roll the tables across the lawn, and sometines they would just get away from you,,,,,

Lunch was very pleasant, nice gentle cool breeze, bluegrass band, sandwiches and drinks.....

Finally got a picture of all the cars, or at least most of the cars in one place.

That's all folks,,,,,,