Friday, June 01, 2018


The touring season is upon us, I think all the cars are running, so we are heading out on Sunday for the Model T Ford Club of America National Tour being held in Rohnert Park, CA next week.  This will be a hub tour with a different destination every day.  We will be trailering to that event, not sure I want to do the Golden Gate Bridge and 101 north in a T.

And then,,,,,,   June 16 and 17, Model T Endurance run in Hollister,  break out the speedsters.

And then,,,,,  last week of the month is Model A Ford Club of America National Convention in Reno.   We will be driving the A to that one.   Hopefully, the weather will be better going over the Sierras this year.   Last year, we encountered an amazing hail storm in July. 

Stay tuned,,,,,

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