Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Model T National Tour - Day 3

June 5, 2018:  Alexander Valley Day.    Click on any picture for a LARGER version.  Day started with a few critters here and there, snakes and bugs,,,,,,

Another really wet dewy day, morning tinkering,,,,


Alexander Valley is grapes as far as the eye can see, who could possibly drink all that wine?

We had a brunch at the River Rock Casino which is perched on top of a really steep hill.

Saw a couple of really interesting sculptures on todays route,,,, Made of steel, each must weigh 5 or 6 tons.   Ray claimed there was a sign about no driving next to the horse,  I didn't see it.


Everyone stopped at the Coppola winery, attraction for the men was this Tucker automobile. Quite an establishment, wine tasting, restaurant, swimming pool, tours, museum with many items on display from Coppola movies.

Lots of folks had lunch at the Dry Creek General Store (1881).  Pat passed on lunch, but she did buy a whiskey flask shaped like a fish.   Is there something I should know about here?  Look at the signpost, think there are a few wineries around here?   This post was one of 4 at this corner.

Onward to the Armstrong Redwoods,  mighty tall trees, mighty bumpy road, makes the T front end shimmy and shake.  Everybody spent quite a bit of time here, unwinding and resting in the shade.

Look up!!!!

We had a bit of a parade going as we passed through Sebastopol,,,,,

So, how did the cars fare today?    Some maintenance required,,,   Had to push Ray to start this morning, Barbara's timer roller gave up the ghost, replaced with an Anderson timer.  Then Barbara's fan seized up, ran with no fan.  Thea's fan started making noise, Peder took care of that one.  Ray started major missing, finally came in on the trailer. Bob had an audible click in the steering wheel, nut was loosening and creaking.   So tonight after all the maintenance, everybody is fixed up and ready to go tomorrow.     About Ray's problem:  turns out his brand new condenser was failing, a Bosch condenser, Bosch for heavens sake, made in TURKEY!!!!!! Well a few of the guys claimed that they needed a massage tonight because of cranking on Model T's many times to try and get them started!

Only 95 miles today. Short day tomorrow,  stay tuned.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a typical day on the road in an ancient car...fun!?