Monday, June 25, 2018

A Convention in Reno - Day 3

June 25, 2018.  110 miles.  Today, the self-guided tour to Truckee.   Out early to beat the heat.  Took the Mt Rose Hwy,  good stiff climb up, quite a bit of 2nd gear.  Still snow up there on Mt Rose, spent one day skiing there last winter.

Finally, the top,,,,,

9% down on the other side,  beautiful alpine meadows.

Stopped to cool things off at this great viewpoint looking over Lake Tahoe.

Back into California, gas now costs 40 cents more, thank you very much.

Poked around Truckee and had lunch.    Successful day, pie ala mode.  Made friends with the waitress and she gave me a quarter of a pie.    Life is good.

Took the old hwy up to the Rainbow Bridge at Donner Summit,,,,

Return trip to Reno was on Interstate 80,  I guess folks thought those signs were the speed limit,,,,,  cause they were really hauling.  Poor little black coupe was tickling with 60.

As we got lower, temperature crept up to 98 degrees,  some of us got a little sleepy,  sure missed the AC.   Patti claims that I was sleeping too, but eyes are definitely open, a little anyway,,,,,

Balmy evening in Reno, great night to walk around.   Lights are quite a sight from the 26th floor.

Keep running into more of our club members,  Pat's count is now up to 74. Another good route, Don Cole!

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