Wednesday, August 16, 2017


August 16, 2017:   319 miles.  San Jose, CA to Fallon, NV.   Gathered at the usual Model A meeting spot in Milpitas, and took a group picture.  Kelly Bybee and the Fontaines came down to see us off.  Click on any picture to get a large version.

Waded through the morning traffic on 680 and onto the backroads of Livermore.  Just love this scene on Vasco Road heading out of Livermore.

Vasco to Hwy 4, held my breath on this tight squeeze for Rich.

Lunch at Cook's  Station on Hwy 88 above Jackson.   We have passed this place so many times in the past and never stopped.    Well, today we stopped and had a very nice lunch.

Mega burger for Chuck

After lunch, continued on 88.   Dark clouds, raining, and then marble sized hail, I thought the windshield was going to break.   Slapped on the brakes and sat it out.   Discovered all my roof leaks.  When we continued, the road was almost covered with hail.

Once we crested Carson Pass, the weather was behind us and we cruised down into NV.   We are in Fallon tonight, where we met up with Jones's, Griffins and Andersons.  So now we are 6 Model A's, 3 moderns and 2 RV's.         319 miles for us from our house.   All cars running fine so far.

Riddle for the day:  When is a door not a door?         When it is a jar.

Pat's favorite sign today:   Worm Farm and Saloon.


Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds like you had some crazy weather. Glad the A is running good.
Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Crazy weather Glad everyone is OK Looking forward to read
about day 2 Sweet Dreams

M3 said...

Marble-sized hail--wow! Hope you didn't get any dents. We got our shipment of eclipse glasses today so we're ready!

Dave said...

Sounds like an exciting start to the tour.
we're heading up to Cascade tomorrow evening to get ready for the gang.
Really excited to see everyone again.

Anonymous said...

And you didn't stop at the wormFarm? Marlayna

Catherine said...

Yay! So great to see you and follow along on this journey with you! Sounds like you started out with some nasty weather!!

Safe travels friends! Miss you!

Anonymous said...

Great to see you! Hope you've left the nasty weather behind you. What a fun adventure this is going to be!

Travel safe. Miss you!!


Jane said...

Excited to follow along on another adventure with your friends!

John & Lizanne said...

What a wonderful trip. Great group from the best auto club. We're watching closely and really enjoy your blog.